Ann De Bisschop

Ann De Bisschop

Wellbeing = profit

She realizes better than anyone that the work climate and rhythm takes a heavy toll in many companies.

According to Ann things can be done differently and better.

In her first book “Aftellen naar Maandag” (Countdown to Monday) Ann mainly focuses on the employee.

In her second book “Wellbeing=Winst “(Wellbeing=Profit ) she addresses the business leaders and managers about the importance of a proactive and strategic welfare policy. She wants to convince companies of her policy based on 5 elements : only with Healthy, Happy, Motivated, Talented and Informed people you are future-proof as an organization. Employees are the most important asset of a company. That is why investing in the well-being of employees is not an unnecessary luxury, but an absolute must. The Corona pandemic has significantly increased attention to the wellbeing of employees and their mental and physical health.


Ann is a much sought-after keynote speaker in Belgium and abroad because of her authentic and hands-on approach. In her keynote she chooses a mix of the concrete tips & tricks from her 1st book and she also reflects on the role of the organization and of the manager in the work happiness and enthusiasm of the employees with strong insights from her 2nd book. Among other matters, the following topics are discussed: • The why of a welfare policy • The role of the organization, the leader and the employee • The importance of focus, pause and exercise • How to maintain a connection during a period of working from home? • The skills of a good leader, also from a distance • Stress & Attention Management • Selfcare ° Hybrid Working & agreements disponibility


With her keynote Ann wants to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ACTIVATE her audience with the many concrete tips she offers

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