Iris Hond

Iris Hond

True heart connection

Iris Hond is a popular speaker and inspirator in business and corporate events. Iris uses her exceptional experiences and talent to inspire guests on themes such as individuality, connection, dreaming, colouring outside the lines and courage. She achieves this not only with words in an inspiring speech, but often in combination with her own music and music by her beloved composers such as Chopin, Einaudi and Rachmaninoff on the grand piano.


At only three years old, Iris Hond already began playing the piano. From that very moment, it became clear that she was extraordinarily talented. She quickly became dedicated to becoming a concert pianist, which led to her being accepted at the most prestigious music academy in The Netherlands at only 14 years old.
Because of the distance between her home and new school, she decided to stay with a guest family. Unfortunately, not long after settling in, she experienced an unsettling experience. Not wanting to tell her parents, she left and ended up spending a lot of time on the streets.
These though times have formed Hond to be the person she is today. She learned to trust herself and her music — and how to forge real connections. She also formed special relationships with the less privileged, the terminally ill and even those in prisons. Later on, she never forgot how all these people helped her — which is why she’s still giving free concerts throughout the city.
After graduating cumme laude and top of her class in 2011, she took the next step in her glorious career as a classical concert pianist and started composing her own music. Her fabulous technique is now serving her special story, her music and the connection with others.

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